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About Portugal Green Heart

Hi welcome to our website! We are a small family living on a small farm overlooking the Mondego River, between the Estrela and Caramulo Mountains. We chose Central Portugal to lay down our roots several years ago as we wanted to be able to live a quieter, more self-sufficient and sustainable life.

This website was born from the desire to gather a heart project with our professional and personal experience living in the countryside, and working on the property market.

Here we gather our love for RURAL PORTUGAL and RURAL PROPERTIES, and our passion for ASSISTING PEOPLE AND BUSINESSES.

The main mission of this website is to promote RURAL PORTUGAL, especially the central Region where we live – Portugal`s Green Heart – showing you the treasures of this region, the villages, forests, traditions, mountains, uninhabited houses, farms and ruins, the RURAL PROPERTIES – full of potential – and sharing with you the advantages of living in the countryside, where we can still find a genuine, natural, slow and healthy pace of life.

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